General Terms and Conditions for Translation Orders

General Terms and Conditions for Translation Orders [Link]

  1. Scope

(1) These General Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts between Adelheid Philipp, apLINGUA, (called translator in the following paragraphs) and the customer, as long as nothing else has been expressedly agreed or is legally binding.

(2) These General Terms and Conditions are only binding upon prior acknowledgment by the translator.

  1. Translation Orders

The translation will be carried out carefully according to the principles of the translator’s profession. The customer will receive the translation carried out as agreed.

  1. Delivery and Duty to Inform

(1) The customer is obliged to inform the translator in time of any special preferences of the translation (form of translation, number of copies preferred, destination for print, format of the translation etc.). If the translation is to be printed the customer is obliged to leave the translator a copy for proofreading.

(2) The customer is obliged to provide the translator in good time and unsolicited with all information and documents necessary for carrying out the translation (special terminology preferences, images, drawings, tables, abbreviations etc.).

(3) The translator is not liable for mistakes resulting from the neglect of these obligations by the customer.

  1. Remedying Errors

(1) The translator reserves the right to remedy errors. The customer has the right to receive a corrected translation after having made an exact identification in the translation of such errors.

(2) In case of a failure in the correction or a replacement translation the legal guarantees apply, insofar as no other agreements have been taken.

  1. Liability

(1) The translator is liable in case of gross negligence and intention. In case of minor negligence the translator is only liable when essential parts of this agreement have been broken/are affected.

  1. Confidentiality

(1) The translator undertakes to keep all matters strictly confidential which come to her knowledge during the course of a translation.

  1. Remuneration

(1) The invoice must be paid within 30 days after the invoice date without any deduction. The translation will be calculated on the basis of the target language, and on a standard line of 55 characters including blanks. The price of the cost-estimate is approximate. There may be a surcharge for urgent orders upon prior agreement.

(2) The translator is entitled to demand a pre-payment necessary for carrying out the translation in case of a big translation order. There is no VAT to be paid. In justified cases the delivery of the translation may depend on the payment of the total invoice.

(3) Has the fee not been agreed upon, an adequate and usual remuneration must be paid. As a minimum, the fees included in the Law about the remuneration for witnesses and experts are payable.

  1. Reservation of Retention and Copyright

(1) The translation is the propriety of the translator until it has been completely paid. Until then the customer has no right to use it.

(2) The translator reserves the copyright of the translation.

  1. Legal Venue and Applicable Law

(1) German law applies to the order and all resulting rights.

(2) The validity of these Terms and Conditions is not affected by nullity and invalidity of individual provisions.